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Open Letter to Everyone I’ve Loved (Friends & Past Loves)


    I know we probably haven’t spoken in awhile or maybe I spoke to you a few hours ago. Irregardless, I just wanted to say, if I’ve ever said that I loved you, I meant it. If we used to spend hours together and suddenly I’m no longer in your life, I just want you to know that I still care, I still love you and I still think of you often.
    Some people come and go in your life, whether by choice or not, and I hope you know that I do not resent you (even if you left or if I did). I got to spend a portion of my life with you and together we laughed for hours and stayed up all night, maybe we even fought a few times but we shared all of that together. I won’t forget those memories, even though it may seem that I’ve forgotten about you.
    Maybe I stopped being the person you wanted me to be, maybe you stopped being the person I wanted you to be, maybe there are geographical obstacles that we could not overcome. It’s okay, we all have to leave to find ourselves at some point. Maybe we will come back to each other, maybe we won’t. I’m sorry if I seem distant and uncaring, but trust me I still think of you affectionately.
    There are people that I’ve had to distance myself from, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. I had to go explore other things, and I couldn’t be the person that I used to be in your life. That being said, to those I have hurt, I’m truly sorry. Your absence in my life stings more than my unintentional betrayal of your trust. I hope you know that, and I still wish for your return every day.
    If I have ever said that I love you, it means I will always love you. I will always carry a part of you with me. You contributed to the person that I am today. Be it if you were a lover, or a friend. I will miss you while we are on our separate journeys and I will think of you often. Most of all however, I will be thankful that our paths intersected for that brief glorious moment. I got to spend more time with you than some people do in a lifetime, and for that I will always cherish what we had.
    I look forward to our paths meeting again in the future, and until then, be safe and know that I truly loved you and still do. I hope I impacted your life as much as you did mine, I hope you think of me fondly and will remember that you will always have a home in me. My door is always open.

Yours always,


that was the hardest ive laughed in so longg

life’s too short, man. if you want to fucking walk out of my life, don’t expect my whole world to crumble. don’t try to come back either cause fuck that. and fuck you.
my thoughts since you left.


you’re the only one who knows how cruel I can be/ I’m the only one who knows how cruel you can be

cotton underwear/ cotton dress


Floating Ripple Vases (by oodesign)

Fill your favorite container with water and float the vase. According to the movement of the air, the plants change their position within the container.